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A few weeks ago, I began searching for a source of small empty plastic wire spools and was amazed to find how difficult it was to locate a supplier for these.  If you only want a few spools, the challenge becomes even greater.  I noticed many people were looking for spools to wind loose hookup wire they had purchased onto and no answers were found.  Well we found a supplier that offers them at a great price and since we were eager to sell our hookup wire on spools, we bought hundreds of them.

3x2 small black plastic spools3x2 small black plastic spools

We also decided to sell them as empty plastic spools so those who are looking for empty spools for whatever need and don’t need our fine hookup wire can also have a supplier at a very reasonable price.  The exact specs are as follows for the technical people:

  • Flange: 2-7/8″
  • Traverse: 2-1/8″
  • Barrel: 1-1/8″
  • Arbor: 1″
  • Color: Black

For those wishing to just figure out how much hookup wire fits on one of these, the following photo shows one of these spools loaded with 50ft of 20AWG hookup wire.

20 AWG red hook-up wire on plastic spool

You could easily fit 100ft of 20AWG hookup wire on this same spool and if you are dealing with an even smaller gauge wire such as 22AWG or 24AWG, you can fit even more on them.
These spools are available in our store:

UPDATE: We’ve added a new, smaller plastic spool to our inventory for those looking for a slightly smaller one than these.  Check them out at and tell us what you think.

UPDATE: Due to the interest in our 36 count Ebay listing, we have added that same “optimized” quantity to our website at an even lower-than-Ebay price so you can save even more.  Since we don’t have to pay Ebay fees when you buy directly from us, we pass those savings on to you!  You can find them at
Why 36 pieces?  This is the quantity that fits perfectly inside the USPS Priority Mail box we ship them in.

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