Small 2-inch Empty Plastic Wire Spools / Solder Bobbins

A few weeks ago, I began searching for a source of small empty plastic wire spools and was amazed to find how difficult it was to locate a supplier for these.  If you only want a few spools, the challenge becomes even greater.  I noticed many people were looking for spools to wind loose hookup wire they had purchased onto and no answers were found.  Well we found a supplier that offers them at a great price and since we were eager to sell our hookup wire on spools, we bought hundreds of them.

3x2 small black plastic spools3x2 small black plastic spools

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3mm 5mm LED Socket For Testing On PCB

If you’ve ever had assorted clear LED bulbs, then you almost certainly needed to test them to see what color light they emit.  A breadboard can work just fine for this, but I actually got to wondering one day if there was a LED socket for 3mm, 5mm and even 10mm LED bulbs.

2-pin Header Connector LED Bulb Socket

The simple answer was “No”, however there’s so many electronic components out there, surely there was something that would work well for this.  Meet our 2-pin PCB Female Headers.
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NEW 20 AWG Hook-up Wire Stranded Copper

So what’s new at mklec?  Lots of things!  We’ve redesigned our store website and we’ve been working hard to bring you more great new products at the lowest prices possible.  One such new product is our first lot of new 20 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper Hook-up Wire, currently available in Red, Black, Green and White with more colors to come and can be special ordered upon request.

20 AWG Copper Hook-up Wire
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What is mklec Select brand?

If you’ve browsed through our store, you may have noticed several of our components have the brand name mklec Select.  But have you wondered what exactly is the mklec Select brand?

mklec Select is a brand we use that identifies our budget-friendly components.  These are quality components that may vary in brands and manufacturers and are targeted towards being a low-cost solution for general projects and for prototyping purposes.  We don’t guarantee you’ll get any specific manufacturer on these since it varies based on what our suppliers have in stock, however we will strive to provide you with the best manufacturers in the budget price range at no additional expense to you.
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NEW 1 Watt High Power Blue LED Beads 90lm – 100lm

Hey everyone,
We’ve had a very busy past few weeks and we’re striving to get all of the great new products we have in stock added to our website.  One of those new products is new 1-Watt High-power Blue LED Beads with an output rating of 90lm – 100lm.  These are in addition to the 1-Watt White LEDs we have for sale and of course you can use our OSKJ 1.5v – 30v 3A DC Constant Current Power Buck Converter as a driver for them to safely regulate the voltage and current for these LEDs.

1 watt blue LED Beads 1 watt blue LED Beads

Want more colors?  Please contact us and request other colors and we will get them ordered for you if we haven’t already got them.  We’re here to serve you and these are great little super bright LEDs for a variety of DIY projects.

Need 38KHz Oscillator Crystals? We have them!

Upon recently stocking the BA1404 FM Transmitter IC chip, I began to build a transmitter using one and I realized that 38KHz oscillator crystals are needed, so I ordered several of them and we now stock them for your convenience.  You can get yours from our store at

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Sound Grenade Super Sonic Circuit

About a year or two ago I discovered an iPhone app called “Sound Grenade“.  It produces a very high frequency sound that is very irritating if you can hear it.  I am fortunate enough to not hear it, so it was fun turning it on and watching those around me squirm and squeal about that awful noise and trying to figure out where it was coming from.

I recently began to wonder if a “sound grenade” or “high-frequency”  sort of device can be made using simple electronic components.  FYI, the frequency range begins at 8Khz, then progresses to 10Khz, 12Khz, 14Khz, 15Khz, 16Khz, and 17Khz.  A video demonstrating this range can be found at  After much research, I discovered such a circuit can easily be built using the 555 Timer and a small 8-Ohm speaker.  I’m not sure what the full range is on this since I cannot hear the sound above a certain range and my wife is unwilling to help since it’s very discomforting to hear.  I also do not have an oscilloscope to test it with.

QUICK NOTE: This does NOT have a pull-pin or a delayed timer to it nor is it designed to be thrown like a real grenade.  The app doesn’t either and so the idea was to imitate the app’s behavior.  For that type of project, you might have a look at or

Super Sonic Sound Grenade Circuit
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ROHM BA1404 FM Stereo Transmitter IC Chip

The ROHM BA1404 DIP-18 IC is a truly unique chip.  With this IC and a few external components, you can build your own stable FM stereo transmitter.  That means you can make your own wireless FM microphones, pirate radio station, and car stereo transmitter so you can play your MP3/iPod/iPhone music through your car stereo with clarity.  The great thing is this chip operates on a single 1.5 AA battery and features low power consumption.  If you don’t have one yet, you can get yours in our store at

Getting Started

There’s a few crucial external components you will need to build this circuit.  I’m going to be using the circuit found at  I’ll make a complete parts list soon, but the main things outside the standard components is the 38KHz oscillator crystal and the 3.5 turns RF coil.

Share Yours

We’d love to hear from you on your experiences with this IC and even show off your build.  Please feel free to post a comment below and/or visit our Google+ Community and share there.