OSKJ DC Buck Converter Constant-Current Constant-Voltage Modules

It has been very busy lately, which is a good thing.  We’ve had the privilege of serving many new customers and we’ve also added many new products to our store, one of which is this OSKJ Buck Converter DC Voltage and Current Adjustment Module.

OSKJ Buck Converter Voltage Current Dual Regulator With LED

I first came across these while researching 1-Watt High Power LEDs and trying to find more information regarding a LED driver for them and came across the video by Julian Ilett titled High Power LED Tutorial #1 – How to Drive 1W and 3W LEDs from 12 Volts. In this video he uses this module as a LED driver for 1-watt LEDs, such as the ones we sell in our store.  It is an excellent introduction and tutorial on these high-power LEDs and demonstrates the usefulness of this module, which is why we have decided to carry them.

So if you’re curious about using the 1-Watt, 3-Watt or other high-power LEDs, this little device is a great choice for getting started.

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