NEW Multilayer Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Packs

Hey everyone!
I wanted to let you know about a product I’m excited to offer and one I personally have needed when I was getting started with electronics.

I’ve assembled an assortment/variety pack of multilayer monolithic ceramic capacitors containing 29 values, 5 of each value.  This pack will prove very valuable as you build various circuits and discover how it has the values you need, meaning less time ordering/waiting on parts and more time building your projects!

Monolithic Multilayer Capacitor Assortment Pack

The values contained in these are:

100(10PF), 200(20PF), 220(22PF), 300(30PF), 330(33PF), 470(47PF), 101(100PF), 151(150PF), 201(200PF), 221(220PF), 331(330PF), 471(470PF), 681(680PF), 102(1000PF), 222(2200PF), 332(3300PF), 472(4700PF), 103(10NF), 223(22NF), 333(33NF), 473(47NF), 104(100NF), 154(150NF), 224(220NF), 334(330NF), 474(470NF), 105(1UF), 225(2.2UF), 475(4.7UF)

They are all individually packaged and individually labeled.  These are available only through my Ebay channel at this time and there’s a limited quantity, so get them while you can!

Also check out our store for other monolithic capacitors we have available: Monolithic Capacitors

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