What is mklec Select brand?

If you’ve browsed through our store, you may have noticed several of our components have the brand name mklec Select.  But have you wondered what exactly is the mklec Select brand?

mklec Select is a brand we use that identifies our budget-friendly components.  These are quality components that may vary in brands and manufacturers and are targeted towards being a low-cost solution for general projects and for prototyping purposes.  We don’t guarantee you’ll get any specific manufacturer on these since it varies based on what our suppliers have in stock, however we will strive to provide you with the best manufacturers in the budget price range at no additional expense to you.

Are these components any good?

Excellent question and the simple answer is “Yes”.  They are covered by our 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee policy and are also guaranteed to be free of defect.  We stand behind the products we sell and we have you covered.

Are there application limitations for these?

None that we are aware of, however we do recommend for sensitive applications such as audio projects where noise is an issue, these are probably not your best choice for building the final product.  This is why we also carry name-brand components that meet the needs of low-noise and low-tolerance applications.  For most general purpose circuits, these components work great and we gladly use them ourselves.  If a product is found to be problematic, we will discontinue using whichever brand/manufacturer as a supplier and replace it with a reliable one, so please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on them so we can make any necessary adjustments.

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