DIY Guitar Effects Pedal Kit Build Tutorial – Part 1

I’m working on rolling out a series of pedal kit build tutorials that walks you through building one of our tagboardeffects DIY guitar effects pedal kits and here’s the first part of that series.  One of the goals I’ve had for a while now is to try and make it as easy as possible for people new to building electronic circuits to do so and our guitar effects pedal kits are a great way to dive in.  So I am creating a complete walk-through of building a kit, showing you step-by-step how to do it and explaining it well enough that you should be able to build your first kit with minimal problems.

My hope is that you find enjoyment in building the kits and the reward of hearing the finished results.

What’s Covered In This Pedal Kit Build Tutorial Video?

In the first part, I cover the following steps and topics:

  • Understanding the Layout – How does the stripboard correlate to the tagboardeffects stripboard layout?  Which way should the board be oriented?
  • Cutting the Stripboard – How do I cut the board down to size?  How do I cut the stripboard?  How to score and snap the stripboard with a utility knife.
  • How to make cuts to the tracks – How do I cut the tracks on the stripboard?  What tools do I need or can I use to make the cuts?  Do the layouts show the cuts with the copper facing down or the copper facing up?

This video ends with the board prepared and ready for soldering components onto it.
In Part 2, I will go through the process of identifying and correctly installing the on-board components.

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