Fairy Dust Buffer PCB Kits now available

I’m a bit excited to introduce this kit since it’s the first of it’s kind in our line of DIY guitar effects pedal kits.  While it’s not really an “effects” pedal in and of itself, it certainly adds a desirable touch to many different types of effects pedals.

Fairy Dust Buffer PCB Kit

This kit is based upon the Cornish Buffer stripboard layout provided by tagboardeffects.

We’ve even implemented 3mm mounting holes so you can use M3 standoffs to secure it to your enclosure, panel, etc.
The termination solder pads are also spaced 2.54mm apart, so you can use your choice of connectors with the same pin spacing for easy connecting and disconnecting of the buffer PCB.

 PCB Layout Diagram

Fairy Dust Buffer pcb drawing


Example Build Of Kit

Fairy Dust Buffer PCB - Built Kit

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