Enter to WIN a guitar effects kit of your choice for your product reviews


Want to enter for your chance to win your choice of a free guitar effects kit?  We’ll be holding a drawing for 1 lucky winner on August 31 and that winner will get their choice** of kits we have available for sale, free of charge.


We believe product reviews by customers are one of the most helpful things for others to determine whether or not if the product in consideration will suit their needs.  The problem is that very few people take the time to write a review, unless of course, they are highly dissatisfied with it.  So we’ve decided to run a contest in hopes you all will take the time and write some great and honest reviews of your experience with our products.  This not only helps others, but it also helps us in determining what we are doing right and what may need changing, etc.

How To Win

Navigate to a product’s page and simply click on the “Write A Review” link.  Write a descriptive review (see rules below) on a product and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win.  EACH review increases your chances to win since you will get a different entry for each review you write.


Review Qualifications

We’re looking for valid and helpful reviews.  Reviews for the sake of entries will be discarded, for example: “Great product, A++!!” or “Love it!” will NOT be considered a valid review.  You also must have purchased the item from us, not a competitor.


  • Be descriptive.  Briefly explain what you like or dislike about the item while thinking about what would be helpful to someone reading this and trying to decide if they want to purchase it.
  • Be specific.  Try to very specifically identify the pros and cons (if any) of the product, such as features, performance, quality, personal preference, etc.


  • Avoid using fowl language.
  • Don’t specifically reference a competitor.  If you have a comparison in mind, use something generic such as “… better quality than other competitors …” etc.  These are product reviews, not retailer reviews.


Valid reviews written on any of the guitar effects kits you’ve purchased from us will earn you 2 entries per review!  We put a lot of hard work into these kits and really rely on the feedback of our customers to know how we’re doing and what their impressions of the kits are.  So we’re throwing in a bonus entry per review written.


What If I Haven’t Purchased Anything?  Can I Participate?

If you purchase item(s) between now and August 30, you can write a review on those items and be entered to win.


** “Choice of kit” will be limited to kits currently in stock at the time of the drawing.  Kits not currently offered by mklec or kits that are out of stock are not included in the kits the winner can choose from.

2 thoughts on “Enter to WIN a guitar effects kit of your choice for your product reviews

  • July 30, 2014 at 8:08 PM

    Sweet! I “plan” on getting my Deep Blue and Dyna Red completed this weekend. So, expect a few from me!

  • January 2, 2015 at 8:51 AM

    I have built a lot of the kits that Dave has put together. I have found them very complete and love that he uses the WIMA poly Caps. I have found that he gives great support as well. Keep up the good work Dave!!!!1


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