Mklec is Going Out of Business

Mklec will be closing within the next few weeks.
We’ve enjoyed serving all of you for the last several years, but due to a big change in our future, we’ve decided that closing our business is the best way to proceed.
Part of this change is our move to another state and since this will require a lot of time to get moved and situated, we think it’s better to close our business for now since it would be impractical to try and keep it going during this busy time.
Thank you very much for all of you and the support you’ve shown us over the years.  We’ve had many great customers and we couldn’t have done it without you all.

What happens next?
We’ll close our website down within the next few weeks and then we’ll most likely keep our Ebay account going so we can sell off bulk items.
If you’re a builder or a hobbyist looking to stock up, contact us via email (sales [at] and we’ll try and make a deal on components that you’re looking for that we have in stock.

Thanks again,

The Miles Family

Merry Christmas from mklec

Merry Christmas from mklec inc

Christmas time is upon us.  While we are celebrating this time and reflecting upon the year as it’s nearing it’s end, I can’t help but feel a great sense of thankfulness for all of the wonderful people we’ve had a privilege of serving in 2014.  I’ve had a lot of fun and have lost a lot of sleep in the process, but it has been great.  I know we’re looking forward to serving you all and many more new customers in the year 2015 and I certainly hope it’s even better than this one has been.

But aside from all of this, we are looking forward to having some time visiting our families and enjoying some much needed downtime near the end of this month.  So from December 20th – 28th, we are going to be out of the office and therefore closed, although our online store will still be open and we’ll try to respond to any emails you send us.  You will still be able to place orders, but they will not be shipped until we return on the 28th.  Our eBay store will be closed during this time and will reopen around that same time.  We apologize if this causes anyone any inconvenience and we’ll do our best to get your order shipped out ASAP upon our return.

We want to sincerely thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being such excellent customers and we hope you enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends and have yourselves a very Merry Christmas.



David Miles

How to interact and keep up-to-date with mklec

One of the goals of mklec is to provide a place where community happens and also to keep our customers in the loop on what’s new.  This can be challenging since there are numerous options on how to go about this and at the same time avoid “spamming” you all.  We’ve decided the best option for us is to skip the old traditional “forums” and instead embrace Google Plus Communities.  Google Plus is a bit mysterious at first, but as we and many others have come to discover, it’s a really neat place to socialize and we feel it will best suit our needs.

So if you’re looking for where to stay in touch, interact, and share your thoughts and ideas, join our Google+ Community by visiting

And you can contact us directly if you need help or have questions:

Have a great weekend and thanks for being awesome!

Sound Grenade Super Sonic Circuit

About a year or two ago I discovered an iPhone app called “Sound Grenade“.  It produces a very high frequency sound that is very irritating if you can hear it.  I am fortunate enough to not hear it, so it was fun turning it on and watching those around me squirm and squeal about that awful noise and trying to figure out where it was coming from.

I recently began to wonder if a “sound grenade” or “high-frequency”  sort of device can be made using simple electronic components.  FYI, the frequency range begins at 8Khz, then progresses to 10Khz, 12Khz, 14Khz, 15Khz, 16Khz, and 17Khz.  A video demonstrating this range can be found at  After much research, I discovered such a circuit can easily be built using the 555 Timer and a small 8-Ohm speaker.  I’m not sure what the full range is on this since I cannot hear the sound above a certain range and my wife is unwilling to help since it’s very discomforting to hear.  I also do not have an oscilloscope to test it with.

QUICK NOTE: This does NOT have a pull-pin or a delayed timer to it nor is it designed to be thrown like a real grenade.  The app doesn’t either and so the idea was to imitate the app’s behavior.  For that type of project, you might have a look at or

Super Sonic Sound Grenade Circuit
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Welcome to mklec!

Welcome to the blog at
The vision of is to provide consumers, primarily located in the U.S., with very affordable electronic components such as IC chips, transistors, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, etc. so they can spend less money on the items needed to build their DIY circuits and projects.  You can find components from China for low prices, however it requires waiting anywhere from 2-4 weeks for them to arrive and who wants to wait that long?

So we work to bridge the gap: offer low prices comparable to those you’d find ordering from overseas but combined with the fast delivery of being shipped from right here in the U.S.!

Another goal besides just providing you with low prices and fast shipping on your orders is to also provide you with schematics, tutorials, and information on the different ways you can use the components we sell and the various projects you can build with them.  We also are creating “packages” that combine all of the components necessary to build some of the tutorials found here and make it even easier to build the circuits without having to hunt down all of the pieces.  You can also engage with us on our Google+ Page.