GreatScott! LED Color Organ PCB Kit

Following the success of our partnership with GreatScott! and the launch of the GreatScott! LED Color Organ Kit, we’re happy to introduce the new PCB version of this kit.  With some careful thought and consideration, we’ve come up with a version that is more practical, easier to build,  visually appealing, and flexible in how you choose to use it. GreatScott! LED Color Organ PCB v1.0 Read more

Sound Grenade Super Sonic Circuit

About a year or two ago I discovered an iPhone app called “Sound Grenade“.  It produces a very high frequency sound that is very irritating if you can hear it.  I am fortunate enough to not hear it, so it was fun turning it on and watching those around me squirm and squeal about that awful noise and trying to figure out where it was coming from.

I recently began to wonder if a “sound grenade” or “high-frequency”  sort of device can be made using simple electronic components.  FYI, the frequency range begins at 8Khz, then progresses to 10Khz, 12Khz, 14Khz, 15Khz, 16Khz, and 17Khz.  A video demonstrating this range can be found at  After much research, I discovered such a circuit can easily be built using the 555 Timer and a small 8-Ohm speaker.  I’m not sure what the full range is on this since I cannot hear the sound above a certain range and my wife is unwilling to help since it’s very discomforting to hear.  I also do not have an oscilloscope to test it with.

QUICK NOTE: This does NOT have a pull-pin or a delayed timer to it nor is it designed to be thrown like a real grenade.  The app doesn’t either and so the idea was to imitate the app’s behavior.  For that type of project, you might have a look at or

Super Sonic Sound Grenade Circuit
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Laser Communicator WITHOUT Audio Output Transformer

If you’ve searched around for “How to build a laser communicator“, you probably stumbled across several examples that use the RadioShack Audio Output Transformer, Catalog #: 273-1380.  I’ve built one and it works great, but it’s roughly $3 just for the transformer and finding these things elsewhere is nearly impossible.  They also add unnecessary bulk to the transmitter and we can build it using much cheaper components!
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