Mklec Rotary Encoder PCB Tutorial

I’ve recently added our new rotary encoder PCB for use with most standard 5-pin rotary encoders.  I think these stand out from other similar products because multi-application was one of the key concepts in the design of the PCB.  I’ve also added 100nF capacitors to cut the debounce problem associated with rotary encoders, so there’s no need to add additional off-board components for this reason.  I’ve also added 10K resistors for the purpose of limiting current and as pull up resistors.  If you’d like your PCB(s) without these components pre-installed, contact me.

You can get these at

mklec rotary encoder pcb
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New Changes To Kits In 2015

Here we are, 2015.  As the new year dawns, I’ve been thinking of ways to improve our guitar effects kits.  You all have been very helpful by giving us your feedback and we’ve taken all of those things into consideration.  Here’s what’s changing with the kits as of January 1, 2015:

DIP Sockets & Header Pins Included

We are going to include our female header pins and DIP sockets necessary for the transistors and IC chips in the kits.  Even though they’re optional, we highly recommend them and so we’re going to include them in the kits.  Not only do they help prevent damaging the parts with overheating, but they also allow you to experiment with other transistors and IC chips if you’re willing to tinker in hopes of finding a new tone.

Changing Included DC Chassis Socket

Many of our customers have no need for a “switched” socket since they don’t want to put a battery in their pedal and the extra terminal does more to confuse people than to help.  So all kits purchased this year will include the smaller, non-switched DC Plastic Power Socket that we think you’ll appreciate.  If you would rather have the Switched DC Chassis Socket that we’ve included in the kits in the past, simply mention it when you purchase your kit(s) and we’ll gladly change it out for you.

Color Veroboard Layout

Some of you have already seen these since we made this changeover in early December.  We’ve added a color laser printer and now print the veroboard layouts that come with the kits in color.  They’re prettier!

Enclosure LED Resistor

We’re adding a 2.2K Ohm Carbon Film resistor to the kits for the enclosure LED.  We realized there was nothing indicating the need for this and so we’ll add one in for convenience.  A lower value resistor can be used if you desire a brighter LED, but we’ve chosen the 2.2K since it’s safe for a larger range of input voltages and will dim the LED a little bit so it’s not glaring bright in darker settings.

What’s next?

We will continue to work on making improvements to the kits if we think they’ll make them more helpful and easier to you.  It’s important that you send us your questions and/or concerns because this helps us to know what’s lacking and how we can make it better.

We’ll be working on a series of instructional material to better help people new to effects pedal kit building.  Based on feedback, we realize that such a resource would be very helpful and so we’re going to try and get that done in the near future.  Until then, keep the tagboardeffects’ Greeny’s Vero Build Guide in mind for beginner how-to and then the Fault Finding a Build guide in mind for troubleshooting techniques.  They also have a Forum where you can ask questions and find answers from other very knowledgeable builders.

Thanks for making 2014 a great year and we hope 2015 is an even better year.

Announcing Our New mklec mk-vb26 Veroboards

We’re excited to announce a new product we now carry: the mklec mk-vb26 veroboard.  We had these manufactured based on our specs and they look awesome.  Since the price of veroboards tend to be high and there are very limited sizes to choose from as far as the smaller boards are concerned, we decided to have some custom made to suit many of our veroboard layouts.  Not only that, we’re able to offer them at a great price that is sure to please.

mklec mk-vb26 veroboard
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Small 2-inch Empty Plastic Wire Spools / Solder Bobbins

A few weeks ago, I began searching for a source of small empty plastic wire spools and was amazed to find how difficult it was to locate a supplier for these.  If you only want a few spools, the challenge becomes even greater.  I noticed many people were looking for spools to wind loose hookup wire they had purchased onto and no answers were found.  Well we found a supplier that offers them at a great price and since we were eager to sell our hookup wire on spools, we bought hundreds of them.

3x2 small black plastic spools3x2 small black plastic spools

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3mm 5mm LED Socket For Testing On PCB

If you’ve ever had assorted clear LED bulbs, then you almost certainly needed to test them to see what color light they emit.  A breadboard can work just fine for this, but I actually got to wondering one day if there was a LED socket for 3mm, 5mm and even 10mm LED bulbs.

2-pin Header Connector LED Bulb Socket

The simple answer was “No”, however there’s so many electronic components out there, surely there was something that would work well for this.  Meet our 2-pin PCB Female Headers.
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NEW 20 AWG Hook-up Wire Stranded Copper

So what’s new at mklec?  Lots of things!  We’ve redesigned our store website and we’ve been working hard to bring you more great new products at the lowest prices possible.  One such new product is our first lot of new 20 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper Hook-up Wire, currently available in Red, Black, Green and White with more colors to come and can be special ordered upon request.

20 AWG Copper Hook-up Wire
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What is mklec Select brand?

If you’ve browsed through our store, you may have noticed several of our components have the brand name mklec Select.  But have you wondered what exactly is the mklec Select brand?

mklec Select is a brand we use that identifies our budget-friendly components.  These are quality components that may vary in brands and manufacturers and are targeted towards being a low-cost solution for general projects and for prototyping purposes.  We don’t guarantee you’ll get any specific manufacturer on these since it varies based on what our suppliers have in stock, however we will strive to provide you with the best manufacturers in the budget price range at no additional expense to you.
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NEW 1 Watt High Power Blue LED Beads 90lm – 100lm

Hey everyone,
We’ve had a very busy past few weeks and we’re striving to get all of the great new products we have in stock added to our website.  One of those new products is new 1-Watt High-power Blue LED Beads with an output rating of 90lm – 100lm.  These are in addition to the 1-Watt White LEDs we have for sale and of course you can use our OSKJ 1.5v – 30v 3A DC Constant Current Power Buck Converter as a driver for them to safely regulate the voltage and current for these LEDs.

1 watt blue LED Beads 1 watt blue LED Beads

Want more colors?  Please contact us and request other colors and we will get them ordered for you if we haven’t already got them.  We’re here to serve you and these are great little super bright LEDs for a variety of DIY projects.