3mm 5mm LED Socket For Testing On PCB

If you’ve ever had assorted clear LED bulbs, then you almost certainly needed to test them to see what color light they emit.  A breadboard can work just fine for this, but I actually got to wondering one day if there was a LED socket for 3mm, 5mm and even 10mm LED bulbs.

2-pin Header Connector LED Bulb Socket

The simple answer was “No”, however there’s so many electronic components out there, surely there was something that would work well for this.  Meet our 2-pin PCB Female Headers.

These single-row header connectors are easy to solder to a PCB and are just the right size for inserting a LED bulb into for quick testing and even as an interchangeable bulb socket.  So if you’re looking for a great option for an LED socket, these 2-pin header connectors make a great low-cost solution.

2-pin Header Connector Pins2-pin Header Connector Pins

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