TRRS and TRS Plugs and Sockets Explained

This tutorial will explain the differences between 3-pole (TRS) and 4-pole (TRRS) plugs and sockets.
If you’ve ever tried connecting a headset/microphone designed for one particular manufacturer’s phone to another and it didn’t work, it may be because the pinout was wrong.
I ran into this recently with the Movo PM10 Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and trying to use it with other devices, such as a camcorder, etc.
We sell the different parts to do your own prototyping and make your own custom cables/devices, however it doesn’t do much good if you don’t understand the pinout as it relates to your device. ┬áSo hopefully this article will help you better understand these pinouts.

For this article, I will be focusing on standard 3.5mm (1/8″) TRS and TRRS plugs and sockets.
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