Building the Deep Blue Delay Kit

I want to first say we’ve got some of the best customers anyone could possibly have.  I have really enjoyed working to serve and help each of you so far and I hope this only continues to be true as we look ahead.
One of our customers was having trouble getting their Deep Blue Delay Kit to work, so I decided the best way to help is to build one out and photograph the build to give reference photos for anyone wanting to build our kits themselves and want to know exactly what it should look like.  It was fun to take a break and pull out the soldering iron.  Here’s a few notes regarding my approach to the build.
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How to interact and keep up-to-date with mklec

One of the goals of mklec is to provide a place where community happens and also to keep our customers in the loop on what’s new.  This can be challenging since there are numerous options on how to go about this and at the same time avoid “spamming” you all.  We’ve decided the best option for us is to skip the old traditional “forums” and instead embrace Google Plus Communities.  Google Plus is a bit mysterious at first, but as we and many others have come to discover, it’s a really neat place to socialize and we feel it will best suit our needs.

So if you’re looking for where to stay in touch, interact, and share your thoughts and ideas, join our Google+ Community by visiting

And you can contact us directly if you need help or have questions:

Have a great weekend and thanks for being awesome!