NEW 1 Watt High Power Blue LED Beads 90lm – 100lm

Hey everyone,
We’ve had a very busy past few weeks and we’re striving to get all of the great new products we have in stock added to our website.  One of those new products is new 1-Watt High-power Blue LED Beads with an output rating of 90lm – 100lm.  These are in addition to the 1-Watt White LEDs we have for sale and of course you can use our OSKJ 1.5v – 30v 3A DC Constant Current Power Buck Converter as a driver for them to safely regulate the voltage and current for these LEDs.

1 watt blue LED Beads 1 watt blue LED Beads

Want more colors?  Please contact us and request other colors and we will get them ordered for you if we haven’t already got them.  We’re here to serve you and these are great little super bright LEDs for a variety of DIY projects.